Last Day On Earth:Zombie Survival



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–Coins hack: when you buy an item that costs coins, it will increase your coins instead of reducing it.
–Duplicate your items: duplicate items in your inventory by just pressing Split.
–Skill Points Hack: when you use your skill points, it will increase your skill points instead of reducing it.
–Weapon/Item Durability Hack: your weapons and items will never break.
–Memory Hack
–Free Crafting!
–Item Max Stock 200+
–Anti Ban!
–Build Houses Everywhere!
–Destroy Other Houses!
–All Switch always Enabled.
–Freeze All Inbox Item! Clone Every item!
–Freeze All Crates
–Earn to max Stock
–Freeze all consumable
–Unlock all blueprints
–Max Player Level
–Free Building House
–Free Upgrading House (has some bugs sometimes)
–Easy Finalize (Just earn 1 pz for every parts, like chopper atv helicopter..)
Note: Never Craft an unreleased item. This may crash your game progress if you do so...



Developer - cz1993

Category - Tweaked Games

Version - 1.6.3

Languages - English