Last Day On Earth:Zombie Survival



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-Coins hack: when you buy an item that costs coins, it will increase your coins instead of reducing it.
-Duplicate your items: duplicate items in your inventory by just pressing Split.
-Skill Points Hack: when you use your skill points, it will increase your skill points instead of reducing it.
-Weapon/Item Durability Hack: your weapons and items will never break.
-Memory Hack
-Free Crafting!
-Item Max Stock 200+
-Anti Ban!
-Build Houses Everywhere!
-Destroy Other Houses!
-All Switch always Enabled.
-Freeze All Inbox Item! Clone Every item!
-Freeze All Crates
-Earn to max Stock
-Freeze all consumable
-Unlock all blueprints
-Max Player Level
-Free Building House
-Free Upgrading House (has some bugs sometimes)
-Easy Finalize (Just earn 1 pz for every parts, like chopper atv helicopter..)
Note: Never Craft an unreleased item. This may crash your game progress if you do so...



Developer - cz1993

Category - Tweaked Games

Version - 1.6.10

Languages - English